What my dog has taught me

Hey! So for those of you who don’t know, I am a dog mom to a 5 month old creature who I named Leo. Yes he looks like a little lion or wolf or something of that sort.  

Today I’m talking about what he has taught me about myself; to persevere through a time of depression and instead of sleeping when I’m sick and exhausted, I venture out into the world with him and do some errands. 

He has taught me three main things: 

1. Everything is tasty and can be chewed, there is nothing that is unchewable (except the things mom takes away from me before I can chew) 

2. Sleeping in the same bed as your little 5.5 lb dog is nice until you kick him off. Give him his own space at night

3. The best place for puppies to sleep is on moms stretched out legs while she’s doing things 

And the most important one, love is truly unconditional if you accept that this dogs well being comes before my own needs as a human. Once I do this, he will return the favour with unconditional love. 

Tune in tomorrow for more random thoughts ! Stay true stay weird. Xo

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