Social Justice

Ever wonder what the difference between right and wrong, good and bad, evil and purity is? Then this is the page for you! Social justice is all about weighing the different sides of the argument at hand to see the various perspectives before choosing your own position. Or you can see your position among other positions and understand the limits of your position versus other ones. Social justice is an academic term but generally means finding what is socially acceptable, or socially normative. Normative means what we, as a society define as “normal”. For example: girls wear dresses boys do not. that is a social normative idea. What social justice says is that not all women wear dresses, and some men wear dresses, but in our society it is more acceptable for women to wear dresses than for men to wear dresses. The injustice comes when people judge men in dresses as “wrong” or “disgusting” or “dragqueens”. This is why social justice is important, to draw light on the injustice of normative beliefs.