Self Regulation in a World of Chaos

Hey internet people! It’s been a hot minute since my last post! Hope you enjoy reading about this topic ­čÖé

Today’s topic is self-regulation and┬áauthenticity┬á

It seems like the world wants us to change. It seems like no matter how authentic I am as a person, someone might take issue with it and that’s intimidating, but it shouldn’t be. For if I were truly authentic I’d always be growing, always dynamic and constantly changing and self regulatory.

For example: 

In society, we have these institutions; banks, education, government, insurance, security etc. which all have a method of self regulation in order to produce consistently good results and fix any bumps along the way. Each institution sets up a regulatory body to ensure they produce the best possible outcome – always. An authentic person has accessed – or created – this in themselves as well.

Now, I’ve often heard of self regulation because a lot of philosophy is about writing and reflecting on your thoughts and actions and their outcomes.

For the past seven years I have been thinking and reflecting and then thinking about that reflection and so on, essentially, doing philosophy.

This has led me to believe that philosophy is everything. Why?

Because philosophy, broken down means love of wisdom, or love of knowledge. To me this means love of learning and learning is done through critical thinking. Therefore, the love of knowledge is also the love of critical thinking. You may be thinking, well, what the hell is critical thinking? It’s a fancier term for self reflection. To think critically of something means to break it down chunk by chunk and look at all the little chunks and question why one chunk is here and another chunk is there – question why I used the term “chunk” instead of “section” and wonder how the idea of game theory plays into all of this.

The point is, that everything intersects. Philosophy is the area of intersection, it is the unifying thing that allows everything to intersect. If you know philosophy, you can understand anything.


I hope you enjoyed reading my rambles on philosophy and its many faces.

I’ll be posting again soon!

In the meantime, stay true stay weird stay you

~ xo Kristi

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