Self-ish Discovery

Hey internet people! Today’s topic is self discoveryand self-ish discovery. I called it this because when we are attempting to better ourselves, we can act selfishly. The problem with acting selfishly, is that we embody it. If someone attacks me for having strict boundaries, I’m going to react selfishly because I am trying to create those boundaries in my “self”.

Self discovery is a separate thing, it’s a journey of understanding and maturity and can take your whole life to fully comprehend. The reason it takes a full life to understand yourself is because you can’t become a “whole” self until you’ve hit all the stages of life. My current self discovery stage is young adult. I have many more stages to hit in my life before I can fully understand myself.

There’s a dialogue in society right now, about being authenticto the fullest and best of our personal ability.

This will be next Monday’s topic! Authenticity is a large theme in my world and in the social justice education world. I’ll close this post with some questions to answer in my next post~

  1. What does authenticity mean to you?
  2. Where do you see authenticity in your life right now? Where is it missing?
  3. What can I do daily to become more authentic in everyday life?


These are some great discussion questions for further understanding of complex and sometimes convoluted topics. But my aim is to talk about them in very simple terms, and relate these complex topics to everyday items so we can see how they are complex, yet simple ideas.

In the meantime, stay true stay weird.

~~ xo kristi

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