Self Doubt

Hey internet people, hope you enjoyed my last post! Todays topic is going to hit a little closer to home with some chatting on self doubt.

Whats the first thing you think of?

I think of how hard it is to be a real person these days. You never know what society thinks of you. Or how other people perceive you. This can be frightening. For me, self doubt makes me freeze. I feel like a deer in headlights sometimes, or as if theres a big angry creature staring back at me baiting me to try, try and put myself out there. When i do, it lunges and takes a strike! Psych! You’re not actually capable of having a mature relationship! Psych! Youre not actually able to be a teacher! Psych! No one loves you! They just say they do and then find a reason to hate you.

This is not a real monster tho. Its one my mind has created to cause me to fear these things due to past negative experiences. Its called negative reinforcement and only makes things harder, only until you realize that it’s a lion and i am a human. With the capacity for reason and understanding. So instead of being afraid of the lion, i can outsmart it and get away.

Writing about this, and using a lion analogy makes me remember the biblical story of the guy who gets stuck in a lions den. He cant get out, but by some miracle he does and everyone assumed that hed be dead. Well if he was stuck in a lions den, the lions would surely clobber him right? Wrong! Because he outsmarted them and waited until they were sleeping to climb out of the den.

Maybe it was a metaphor the whole time 🙂

In closing, you don’t always have to fight, just think and be clever and you’ll conquer self doubt.

Its easier said than done, thats for sure!

Stay true stay weird.

~ xo kristi

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