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Social justice is a very vague term used to describe something that every morally right person tends to strive for; fairness. I have been conflicted as a student, growing up with extremely conservative parents and the mindset of equity or fairness through legal studies. This combination creates confusion in my head, do I “fight for the minority person” and then I see things happen, such as the guaranteed basic income plan that Ontario has implemented and is starting soon and I wonder how giving people this amount of money from MY taxes will benefit me? Why am I fighting for the little guy if it won’t benefit me in the long run? What is the outcome for me, as a human, I have a tendency to be selfish and wonder what I gain from this expense. See this, this, is how I was raised.

The thing about equity, and social justice, is that there is nothing in it for me, IN THE SHORT TERM. Instead, it’s a LONG TERM investment in bettering the futures of those who are struggling to make ends meet.

To which I can hear a rebuttle “But when I was poor I DIDN’T GET A BREAK” to which I have no proper answer, except, why is that stopping you from helping those in need? Why is this “I didn’t get that” mentality even in the cards for you, a wealthy person, someone who has saved and cut costs to be where you are, how are you able to think in such an unhealthy way? Maybe it’s because you CHOSE to save money and sacrifice your mental health while doing so.

To be honest, this is just rambling, and I have yet to figure out where I stand politically. What I do know, is that my interest in social justice stemmed from this philosophical dialogue called “distributive justice” and that is a totally different thing when it is a thought experiment and stays in the realm of the theoretical instead of being turned into action.

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