How society has silenced my inner voice 

Hey guys, so today’s post will be a part one of three as id like to write something more substantial on this topic. 

Has anyone jumped on the pretty little liars fan club train? Or gossip girl? I know those are two of the shows/novel series I read and watched religiously as a teen! But I’ve noticed something. They both surround a main premise of the risks keeping secrets can have. Especially for teen girls. 

This might explain why I can’t keep anything to myself. I am terrified of being “outed” by my siblings or society. Not that I have anything to hide. It’s just the idea that keeping something from people is considered a secret and that can be found out and used against the person. 

It is scary to think that these shows are trying to teach us that secrets are horrible and can get you killed. While also perpetuating the idea that cyber bullying and humilation are the main mechanism of control- in the case of pretty little liars. I mean, who really cares if Emily is a lesbian. Or if Hanna shoplifted? These shouldn’t matter to anyone except the close family members, and possible future employers of those characters. But no, it explodes into something much bigger and much more manipulative. 

The air of mystery both shows leave with the anonymity of gossip girl and A suggests that the person revealing the secrets can have great power over those who keep secrets. 

I want to pose some questions here for you to answer in the comments; 

1. Have you or your siblings ever used a secret against someone to get what you wanted? 

2. Is there a difference between saying “it’s just between us, you don’t need to know” and “it’s a secret, I can’t tell you” 

3. Are you a fan of these two shows? Who’s your favourite character ? 

Thanks for reading ! 

Stay true stay weird xo 


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