Little things

Social justice is a very vague term used to describe something that every morally right person tends to strive for; fairness. I have been conflicted as a student, growing up with extremely conservative parents and the mindset of equity or fairness through legal studies. This combination creates confusion in my head, do I “fight for the minority person” and then I see things happen, such as the guaranteed basic income plan that Ontario has implemented and is starting soon and I wonder how giving people this amount of money from MY taxes will benefit me? Why am I fighting for the little guy if it won’t benefit me in the long run? What is the outcome for me, as a human, I have a tendency to be selfish and wonder what I gain from this expense. See this, this, is how I was raised.

The thing about equity, and social justice, is that there is nothing in it for me, IN THE SHORT TERM. Instead, it’s a LONG TERM investment in bettering the futures of those who are struggling to make ends meet.

To which I can hear a rebuttle “But when I was poor I DIDN’T GET A BREAK” to which I have no proper answer, except, why is that stopping you from helping those in need? Why is this “I didn’t get that” mentality even in the cards for you, a wealthy person, someone who has saved and cut costs to be where you are, how are you able to think in such an unhealthy way? Maybe it’s because you CHOSE to save money and sacrifice your mental health while doing so.

To be honest, this is just rambling, and I have yet to figure out where I stand politically. What I do know, is that my interest in social justice stemmed from this philosophical dialogue called “distributive justice” and that is a totally different thing when it is a thought experiment and stays in the realm of the theoretical instead of being turned into action.

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How society has silenced my inner voice 

Hey guys, so today’s post will be a part one of three as id like to write something more substantial on this topic. 

Has anyone jumped on the pretty little liars fan club train? Or gossip girl? I know those are two of the shows/novel series I read and watched religiously as a teen! But I’ve noticed something. They both surround a main premise of the risks keeping secrets can have. Especially for teen girls. 

This might explain why I can’t keep anything to myself. I am terrified of being “outed” by my siblings or society. Not that I have anything to hide. It’s just the idea that keeping something from people is considered a secret and that can be found out and used against the person. 

It is scary to think that these shows are trying to teach us that secrets are horrible and can get you killed. While also perpetuating the idea that cyber bullying and humilation are the main mechanism of control- in the case of pretty little liars. I mean, who really cares if Emily is a lesbian. Or if Hanna shoplifted? These shouldn’t matter to anyone except the close family members, and possible future employers of those characters. But no, it explodes into something much bigger and much more manipulative. 

The air of mystery both shows leave with the anonymity of gossip girl and A suggests that the person revealing the secrets can have great power over those who keep secrets. 

I want to pose some questions here for you to answer in the comments; 

1. Have you or your siblings ever used a secret against someone to get what you wanted? 

2. Is there a difference between saying “it’s just between us, you don’t need to know” and “it’s a secret, I can’t tell you” 

3. Are you a fan of these two shows? Who’s your favourite character ? 

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What my dog has taught me

Hey! So for those of you who don’t know, I am a dog mom to a 5 month old creature who I named Leo. Yes he looks like a little lion or wolf or something of that sort.  

Today I’m talking about what he has taught me about myself; to persevere through a time of depression and instead of sleeping when I’m sick and exhausted, I venture out into the world with him and do some errands. 

He has taught me three main things: 

1. Everything is tasty and can be chewed, there is nothing that is unchewable (except the things mom takes away from me before I can chew) 

2. Sleeping in the same bed as your little 5.5 lb dog is nice until you kick him off. Give him his own space at night

3. The best place for puppies to sleep is on moms stretched out legs while she’s doing things 

And the most important one, love is truly unconditional if you accept that this dogs well being comes before my own needs as a human. Once I do this, he will return the favour with unconditional love. 

Tune in tomorrow for more random thoughts ! Stay true stay weird. Xo


Hey there! Today’s ramblings are not completely social justice themed, I am conflicted on that topic which I will write about tomorrow, in the mean time, enjoy my relationship advice!

My friend and I were discussing how a person becomes attracted to someone, especially when they are completely oblivious of chemistry or attraction between friends. This is a widely hated on thing coined by guys as the “friend-zone”. But I’ve figured it out. Attraction is based on fantasy. The less interested a man is in me, the more I wonder what it would be like to have him, his interest and be with him. The more I say no to men I don’t find attractive, the more attractive of a fantasy I become, theoretically.

There you have it. If you are attracted to someone, you’ve probably fantasized about them. ¬†The trick that I’ve learned is to tell the person you’re attracted to them and then continue as if nothing has changed, because when a person likes you, they like everything that makes up you; hobbies, quirks, stupid laughs, vices and the other adorable things we do that make us who we are. ¬†Yes, you can be insecure and someone will still like you, just get past your insecurities and realize that being comfortable with your perceived ¬†weirdness¬† is more attractive than conforming to something that makes you uncomfortable in the end.

And yes, selfish people are more attractive. Yes.

Thanks for reading, stay true, stay weird. xo.

All Encompassing Emotions

I can’t handle what is going on inside my head. It’s like my brain is telling me to love you unconditionally in spite of the foreseeable ending that will come eventually. I do though. I choose to love you with all my heart despite the consequences. I love your little laugh when I compliment you after sex. I love the way you talk about cars and the passion you have for them. It inspires me to be a well rounded person when I hear you talk about what you love. ¬†I adore that you love animals as much as I do. I don’t think I would like you as much if you didn’t. I really adore that you know so much about wine, but live a humble life where it’s only a once in a while thing you get to have, and usually share that experience with me. I love how you smell. ¬†I can’t get enough of that. ¬†I love that when I asked the simplest question, do you want me to spend the night?, your answer was without hesitation, definitely! It makes me smile. every time i think of that i smile on the inside whether my face shows it or not. ¬†it warms my heart to know you actually want me there beside you. Someone wants¬†me! how is this possible? Am i dreaming?